For the past several years metallic keys have been giving weight to electronic systems in many areas (offices services, companies, building entrance, etc.). Although reliable, convenient and secure, these systems require and expensive and complex installation. Who is going to help you make the leap to make your access smart ?

OpenDoors has created a complete range of products and services giving convenient access to homes and offices. Combining motorized lock and personalized software platform, OpenDoors offers a wide range of connected solutions enabling a variety of options to manage access.

Located in the southwest of France close to the Spanish border, the OpenDoors team has been working since 2009 to develop and sell patented products & solutions related to accessibility. Using its experience, the company provides clients with products and services matching their brands and needs.

Located in Bidart, surrounded by start-ups, near the rich industrial region of Bilbao, OpenDoors combines synergies to continuously improve its products and processes.

Part of Somfy group since 2016, OpenDoors benefits from the know how and experience of this hardware leader in connected solutions to deliver high quality products.

About SOMFY 

Worldwide leader of openings and closures automation in residential and commercial buildings, Somfy considers home automation systems as its core business, improving populations' living conditions. Nowadays Somfy proposes its comfortable, secure and its energy saving solutions everywhere: houses, buildings, public spaces, shops and they always look for innovation for our "everyday life". Click here to discover more…

OpenDoors - Member of SOMFY Group

Technopole Izarbel - 64210 BIDART